About the Center for Workforce Studies (CWS)

The mission of the Center for Workforce Studies (CWS) is to collect, analyze, and disseminate information relevant to psychology’s labor force and educational system. The Center also provides information related to need and demand for those in Psychology as well as discussions of environmental factors that affect education and workforce in psychology.

To do this, the Center conducts major periodic surveys examining the early labor market experiences of new doctorates in psychology, salaries of psychologists, and the characteristics of new degree recipients (degree level, fields, employment, debt, salaries, etc.) and of graduate departments (e.g., faculty salaries and student characteristics). The Center also relies upon national sources of data for information on the educational pipeline, workforce, demand and need, and outside factors that may influence psychology.

CWS provides oversight for institutional research conducted by other Central Office units.

The Center has data on:

  1. Salaries (academic and non-academic)

  2. Students (enrollees, applicants, level of support, fields, demographics)

  3. Faculty (rank, tenure status, salary, field, race/ethnicity, etc.)

  4. Psychologists in the U.S. (employment settings and activities, sex, race/ethnicity, fields, etc.)

  5. APA members (employment, sex, race/ethnicity, fields, division memberships, licensure, etc.)

  6. New doctorates (employment, fields, postdoctoral experiences, debt, salaries, etc.)

  7. Levels of education (undergraduate, master’s and doctoral)

The Center does not maintain data on actual job listings or employment opportunties. For these, please use the usual sources (e.g., newspapers, The APA Monitor, PsycCareers, Chronicle of Higher Education, networks).


Routinely, the CWS conducts several surveys. These are:

  • Doctorate Employment Survey – mailed every two years to new doctorates in order to look at their employment situations.

  • Biennial Salary Survey –sent to a random sample of members to collect current salary information for psychologists across a myriad of positions and settings.

  • Annual Faculty Salary Survey – mailed to chairs of doctoral and master’s departments that award a degree in psychology or related fields.

  • Annual Survey of Graduate Departments – mailed to chair of graduate departments that award a degree in psychology or related fields to collect data on student enrollment and support, departmental budget, faculty and more.

  • APA Directory data - the CWS codes and analyzes demographic information which is useful for describing the membership more thoroughly.

Other Activities

  • Construction of division profiles, based upon information from the most recent APA Directory. Many variations have been requested since 1985, profiling the characteristics of a variety of subsets of the membership.

  • Consultation on design, construction, and implementation of research projects and methodology (e.g., 2000 APA/APPIC Survey of Intern Placement, 1999 Demand for Predoctoral Internships Survey).

  • Selection of special samples of the APA membership for targeted mailings by the APA.

  • Respond to verbal/written information requests.

  • Liaison to the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology and the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology, and attendance at other regional and national conferences as relevant. Staff support, assist with surveys efforts, provide special analyses of data, special sections on surveys, presentations and more.