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  • 1.Ben's Flying Flowers
    This book follows a young girl as she tries to overcome her grief following her brother's death.
    Children's Book (April 2012)
  • 2.When Fuzzy Was Afraid of Big and Loud Things
    This book is designed to help young children develop constructive alternatives to unnecessary worry thoughts.
    Children's Book (September 2005)
  • 3.When Lizzy was Afraid of Trying New Things
    Lizzy the Sheep is shy and afraid of failing or making mistakes, so she refuses to play and try new things.
    Children's Book (October 2004)
  • 4.When Fuzzy was Afraid of Losing His Mother
    While Fuzzy the Little Sheep is out playing with his friends, he falls and skins his knee. He searches for his mother, can't find her, and feels scared and alone.
    Children's Book (September 2004)
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Results 14 of 4 for "Maier, Inger"X