Training and Careers

The Science Directorate offers a variety of psychological science training programs and career resources for both student and career researchers.

Training Programs

Advanced Training Institutes (ATIs)

ATIs expose new and established faculty, researchers, postdocs and advanced graduate students to emerging technologies and the most current research methodologies in psychological science. They provide training and hands-on experience in a variety of areas, such as research with diverse racial and ethnic groups and conducting research with longitudinal methods, modeling and measurement.

Summer Science Fellowship (SSF)

The SSF program immerses advanced undergraduate students in the science of psychology by exposing them to the excitement and promise of the best of psychological science. SSF offers promising students the opportunity to equip themselves with skills essential to succeed in graduate school, and gives students who plan to pursue advanced degrees in psychological science the opportunity to be mentored by nationally known faculty.

Career Resources

Career Workshops

Career Workshops are designed to introduce graduate students and postdocs to academic careers. Topics range from how the academic culture varies across institutions, to the pragmatics of the hiring process. Accomplished panelists share their insights, with plenty of opportunity for discussion.

Interesting Careers in Psychological Science Series

This series is a relatively small sampling of an infinite number of nonacademic careers available to psychological scientists. Each article, written by a researcher who has "taken a different path," relates experiences of how they got to where they are now and the valuable lessons they learned along the way to employment "beyond the lab."

Additional Training Resources