Society's Grand Challenges: Insights from Psychological Science

The Science Directorate has put together three booklets: Prolonging Vitality, Global Climate Change and Health Disparities. These booklets are part of a 2008 initiative pursued by APA President Alan E. Kazdin, the goal of which was to identify and offer insights and solutions to a number of the grand challenges facing our society. Each booklet describes how psychological science is already contributing and will continue to play a large role in addressing each of these challenges.

Online versions of these booklets are free to use. If you would like to order printed copies, or have questions about this project, please contact the Science Directorate.

Prolonging Vitality

gc-aging Americans are living longer each year. People aged 85 and over are currently the fastest growing age group. Learn how psychologists are researching ways to improve the quality of life for this large portion of the population.

Global Climate Change

gc-climateHuman behavior is recognized as a main contributor to today's climate crisis, and yet, it is one of the least understood components of this complex problem. Learn how psychologists are studying ways to address global climate change.

Health Disparities

gc-healthThe healthiest Americans live longer, fitter lives than anyone in the world, while the least healthy live only a little longer than people in some of the poorest countries. Learn how psychologists are finding ways to bridge this deep divide in health quality.