Application Selection Criteria

Applications for APA's Advanced Training Institutes are carefully reviewed using a variety of criteria, as outlined below.

  1. Preparedness for the course. Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statements are reviewed to ascertain whether the applicant is academically prepared for the course.

  2. Opportunity to use training in future research. Personal Statements are reviewed to determine whether applicants will have a strong likelihood to use this training in future research. The applicants' affiliated institutions are also assessed for availability of necessary equipment and resources required to utilize the training in future research.

  3. Comprehensiveness of Personal Statements. Personal Statements are reviewed for clear and comprehensive answers describing the applicants' reasons for applying to the course and goals for using training in future research and teaching. Personal Statements that are incomplete or unclear can not be fairly evaluated.

APA aims to ensure that ATI participants represent a diverse range of psychological scientists. We attempt to choose participants who are from a variety of academic institutions, in varying fields within the discipline of psychology, at different levels in their careers, and have a distinct research area to which they plan to apply this training. Therefore, we do not encourage entire research teams to submit applications for the same ATI.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 202.336.6000, or send an email to the Advanced Training Institute.