Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA)

The Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA) is the primary advisory body to the APA Science Directorate. Along with its committees and affiliated groups, BSA is concerned with all aspects of psychology as a science.

BSA is responsible for encouraging, developing and promoting psychology as a science. Its activities include: sponsoring scientific programming at the annual APA convention; overseeing APA awards and honors recognizing scientific contributions; advising on APA's relationships with other scientific organizations; providing guidance to APA government relations staff on issues related to research funding and policies; and proposing and refining new APA policies and activities for advancing psychological science.

Members of the Board of Scientific Affairs are selected by the APA Council of Representatives to represent the broad range of areas within the discipline. Current BSA members are listed below.

Staff Liaisons


  • 2015 Chair: Frank C. Worrell, (2013-15)
    University of California at Berkeley

  • Tammy A. Allen (2015-17)
    University of South Florida

  • Aaron Benjamin (2015-17)
    University of Illinois

  • Geraldine Downey (2013-15)
    Columbia University

  • Sara Jo Nixon (2015-17)
    University of Florida

  • Robert W. Proctor (2014-16)
    Purdue University

  • Saul Shiffman (2013-15)
    University of Pittsburgh

  • Linda P. Spear (2014-16)
    Binghamton University

  • Bonnie J. Spring (2014-16)
    Northwestern University