Science Directorate Staff

Executive Director's Office

Steven Breckler
Executive Director for Science


Howard Kurtzman
Deputy Executive Director for Science

Kymberly Thornton
Administrative Manager

Center for Workforce Studies

Mariquita Mullan
Assistant Executive Director, Center for Workforce Studies

Peggy Christidis
Senior Research Officer

Auntre Hamp
Research Associate

Andrew Nigrinis
Senior Workforce Analyst

Karen Stamm
Senior Research Officer

Governance and Leadership

Marianne Ernesto
Director for Testing and Assessment

Sangy Panicker
Director, Research Ethics Office

Suzanne Wandersman
Director for Governance Affairs

Government Relations Office

Geoff Mumford
Associate Executive Director, Science Policy

Craig Fisher
Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer

Heather O'Beirne Kelly
Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer

Patricia C. Kobor
Senior Science Policy Analyst

Will Starck
Science Policy Associate

Outreach and Development

Virginia E. Holt
Associate Executive Director for Science

Bree Gunter
Science Programs Manager

Rachel Martin
Conferences and Outreach Manager

Nicolle Singer
Science Programs Associate

Kirk Waldroff
Director, Communications

Brian Woodburn
Communications Associate

Reference Services

Dan Hanlon
Reference Services Director

Elizabeth Deegan
Associate Librarian

Jay Staton
Media Services Coordinator