Articles by the Science Student Council

Replicability in psychological science  
Challenges, opportunities, and how to stay up-to-date. 
By Daniel R. Rovenpor and Joseph E. Gonzales 
January 2015

The golden age of data sharing 
How to prepare data for open access.
By Corbin A. Cunningham and Joseph E. Gonzales
December 2014

Interviewing for academic positions
What questions to expect and how to prepare for them.
By Patty X. Kuo
November 2014

You agreed to review a manuscript. Now what?
How to navigate the review process from the other side.
By Noreen Watson
October 2014

Applying for fellowships in graduate school: Supporting you and your research
Tips for writing successful fellowship applications.
By Allison Gaffey
September 2014

Are you in need of liberation from commercially controlled statistical software?
Enlist R in your fight for statistical independence.
By Joseph E. Gonzales
July 2014

The elevator pitch
How to craft a successful five-minute elevator pitch and why having one is important.
By Allison Gaffey
June 2014

Past members of the APA Science Student Council: Where are they now?
Former members discuss the value of their experiences on the council.
By Richard Chambers and Jason Fuchs
May 2014

Public speaking and graduate school 
How to cope with and master your anxiety.
By Noreen Watson
March 2014

Presenting your research effectively
Best practices for building presentations and displaying data.
By Richard Chambers
February 2014

Reviewing Early Graduate Student Researcher Award applications
An opportunity to experience the other side of the process.
By Patty X. Kuo
January 2014

Selecting a reference manager  
Reviews of Zotero, Mendeley and ReadBook.
By Elizabeth Necka
December 2013

Graduate student funding: How to find and apply for grants and awards 
Take a systematic approach and be persistent.
By Jason Fuchs
November 2013

Finding what you need: Tips for using PsycINFO effectively
Use these search strategies to identify what others have written on your research topic.
By Casey D. Calhoun
October 2013

Research and career guidance for graduate students featured at APA convention
Tips from Science Student Council sessions.
By Gina Fernandez
September 2013

"Gradvocacy" for science-oriented students
Become familiar with the ins and outs of advocacy for psychological science and funding.
By Rachel Manes
July/August 2013

Tips for broke graduate students
Make the most of a meager budget.
By Noreen Watson
June 2013

The APA Science Student Council — Representing science-oriented psychology graduate students
How young psychological scientists make their opinions heard within APA.
By Elizabeth Necka
May 2013

Playing for “Team Science”: Tips for students
Collaborations with other fields can strengthen the scientific and real-world impact of your research.
By Casey D. Calhoun
April 2013

Summer statistics workshops
A listing of upcoming training opportunities for psychologists.
By Stephen Mistler
March 2013

Navigating uncomfortable conversations
Considerations for dealing with professional disagreements.
By Noreen Watson
February 2013

Making the most of conferences
How to use conferences to advance your academic career.
By Elizabeth Necka
January 2013

Comps are over, now what?
Tips on getting back to work after exams.
By Evgeniya Pavlova
December 2012

Planning your analyses
Advice for avoiding analysis problems in your research.
By Stephen Mistler
November 2012

Playing nice: How to collaborate effectively with colleagues
Navigating differences in work style and authorship.
By Gina Fernandez
October 2012

Academic overload: When to say no during graduate school
Deciding which opportunities to participate in during graduate school can be a daunting task.
By Rachel Manes
September 2012

Looking back on past Early Graduate Student Researcher award winners: Where are they now?
Previous winners have made impressive contributions to research and its applications.
By Evgeniya Pavlova
July 2012

Science Student Council at the APA Annual Convention
Diverse programs are specifically geared toward the interests of science-oriented graduate students.
By Michael Dunbar
June 2012

Pay it forward: Mentoring undergraduates on the transition to graduate school
Give your undergraduates the knowledge they need to succeed at getting into graduate school.
By David R. Kille
May 2012

Summer statistics training opportunities
A listing of summer workshops on methods and statistics for psychologists.
By Stephen Mistler
April 2012

Dual graduate careers: How to manage a shared scientific track with your partner
How to deal with the unique stresses that result when both partners attend the same graduate program.
By Gina Fernandez
February 2012

Taking a break: How to transition out of and back into academic life
Learning to take time off from graduate student life can lead to improved productivity.
By Rachel Manes
January 2012

Brain-centric: A role for neuroscience in psychology
Training as a psychological brain scientist can prepare you for the research demands of the future. 
By Natale Sciolino
December 2011

The psychology of "me": The pros and cons of research ideas that are central to the self
How much of "you" should go into your research?
By David Kille
November 2011

Changing course: What to do when you realize that your career goals have changed
Career opportunities for doctoral-level psychological scientists are not limited to academia.
By Hallie Bregman
October 2011

Advocating for science: A role for graduate students 
Why science advocacy matters for graduate students and what you can do to get involved.
by Michael Dunbar
September 2011

Science Student Council at APA Annual Convention 
The APA Science Student Council has designed six exciting convention programs with science-oriented graduate students specifically in mind.
by Hallie Bregman
July 2011

The kind of future that we want for our scientists
It is never too early for graduate students to begin advocating for better career opportunities in science.
by Gabriel Lázaro-Muñoz
June 2011

Teaching & research: Can you really do both while in graduate school?
It's challenging, but with proper planning it can be done.
by Natale Sciolino
May 2011

Summer training available to graduate students
A listing of short summer courses on advanced statistics and research methods for psychologists.
by Nisha Gottfredson
April 2011

Feedback loops: The importance of student-advisor communication
Communicate with your advisor to know where you stand, where you are going, and how to get there. by Michael Dunbar
March 2011

Achieving an optimal work-life balance: Dating in graduate school
Some practical tips on romance in graduate school whether you are single, dating, or married.
by David Kille
February 2011

Sharing the STEM: What I learned as a graduate student participant at the Science Leadership Conference
There's much we can do to build public understanding of psychological science.
by Hallie Bregman
January 2011 

Wrapping up the fall semester and preparing for spring
Tips on how to make the most of your time during the break between semesters. 
by Tara Queen
December 2010

Building your marketability throughout your graduate school career
How to expand your skill set while in school to be more appealing to future employers. 
by Winny Shen
November 2010

Are we there yet?: Finishing graduate school on time
Advice for graduate students on how to complete a doctorate in a timely manner. 
by Gabriel Lázaro-Muñoz
October 2010

Back to school check-up
Advice for graduate students on starting off strong at the beginning of the academic year. 
by Azurii Collier
September 2010

The APA Science Student Council at APA Convention 2010
The APA Science Student Council has designed four Convention programs with science-oriented graduate students specifically in mind.
by Winny Shen
July 2010

Interviews Demystified
Advice for recent graduates on preparing for job interviews and making a strong first impression.
by Stanley King
June 2010

Expand Your Methodological Tool-kit with These Summer Short Courses
The Science Student Council has identified a number of summer short course offerings on advanced statistics and research methods for psychologists.
by Nisha Gottfredson
May 2010

Talking the Talk: Tips on Giving a Successful Conference Presentation
by Abby Adler 
April 2010

Tips for First-time Teachers
by Gloria Luong 
February 2010

How to Work Successfully with Undergraduate Students
by Gloria Luong 
February 2010

The Graduate Student Advocacy Tool Kit
by Azurii Collier 
January 2010

External Research Funding Sources for Graduate Students
With universities cutting research budgets, students are seeking funding from these and other sources of external funding.
by Nisha Gottfredson
November 2009

Curing Researcher's Block: Generating Innovative Research Ideas
Attending lectures, reading broadly and other strategies can help you develop new projects.
by Winny Shen
October 2009

Graduate School & Postdocs: What Should I Look For?
Keep these tips in mind as you review your options.
by Tara Queen
September 2009

Experience the SSC at the APA Convention
Council has planned four unique convention sessions especially for you - the science-oriented graduate student.
by Abby Adler
July 2009

Getting a Job in a Difficult Economy
Does the current economic climate change your job-search strategies?
by Stanley King
June 2009

The APA Science Student Council (APASSC) – Looking to the Past and Future
In this article, we invite you to take a look at our past accomplishments and future goals. We hope that by better understanding our agenda and what we do, you will get more involved with the APASSC to voice your opinions and have your science student needs met.
by Gloria Luong
May 2009

Joining an APA Division: What's in it for me?
With 54 APA divisions, finding the perfect division(s) for you should be no problem.
by Gloria Luong
April 2009

How to Develop Relationships with Faculty (other than your advisor)
Here are a few tips to help you capitalize on and maximize these opportunities to meet, socialize, and develop relationships with those faculty members that do not stand between you and graduation.
by Stanley King
March 2009

The How and Why of Mentoring Undergrads
Mentoring involves investing time and sharing expertise to enhance another's knowledge and skills.
by Abby Adler
February 2009

Publishing Your Dissertation
Tips for publishing your dissertation.
by Jennifer Brielmaier
December 2008

Where Are They Now? A Look at APASSC's Past Early Researcher Award Winners
Past winners of early researcher awards indicated that the award was a boost to the start of their graduate careers.
by Suzanne Dean
November 2008

How to Publish
While getting your articles published is hard work, taking these steps will improve both your chances of getting your work accepted and improve your attitude/expectations regarding the review process.
by Marc Berman
November 2008

In Search of Graduate Student Leaders!
A recent SSC member summed up the experience well in stating that "it was a great opportunity to meet some of my psychology research idols and to learn more about the inner workings of APA and all that it does for psychologists."
by Lisa Jaremka
October 2008

How to Get Your Research Groove Back
Summer isn't just a great time to relax on the beach, go on road trips, or throw barbecue get togethers – it's also a wonderful opportunity to complete research projects and write empirical papers.
by Gloria Luong
September 2008

See You in August!
The Science Student Council has designed four convention sessions for graduate students interested in research.
by Camilla Hileman
July 2008

Keeping It Together During Comps!
Although the qualifying exam requires and demands intense focus, with some conscious effort it is possible to live a balanced life during this process. Here are some tips on how to regain your sanity, conquer self-doubt, and make this time-tested graduate student rite of passage a pleasant experience.
by Stanley King
June 2008

Free Stats Software for Students!
Here is a (non-comprehensive) list of some of the freely available statistics software.
by Felix Thoemmes
May 2008

Top Ten Tips for Graduate Students Who Want to Conduct a Meta-analysis
All you need to conduct a meta-analysis is use of one or more comprehensive literature search engines (e.g., Web of Science, PsycINFO, PubMed), access to a basic statistics program such as SPSS or SAS at your disposal, and a good idea for a meta-analysis topic.
by Marcella Boynton
April 2008

How Science Informs Clinical Practice and Vice Versa
In psychology there tends to be a rift between the "scientists" and the "practitioners."
by Marc Berman
March 2008

Making a Difference Through Service
This article sheds light on how to get involved in service, the difference you can make, and the benefits of becoming more service-oriented.
by Suzanne Dean
February 2008

Talking to Fellow Students About Joining APA: Myths vs. Facts
As student affiliates, we should challenge ourselves to "spread the word" about APA and urge fellow students to join. Below are some of the common misconceptions science-oriented students have about APA and some information to assist you when encouraging fellow students to become affiliates.
by Jennifer Brielmaier
January 2008

Authorship Negotiation: A Graduate Student Perspective
As part of the research process, negotiating authorship can be a positive experience. Become involved in conducting research whenever possible because your continued involvement in research and publishing will significantly advance your professional development as a psychological scientist.
by Paul Poteat
December 2007

Becoming a Grad-Advocate: A Graduate Guide to Advocating for the Psychological Sciences
Although getting involved in advocacy may seem daunting if you are new to the process, the APA has tools available for everything from looking up your representative's contact information to guidelines on how to be a successful advocate.
by Suzanne Dean
November 2007

Why It's Important For You To Present Your Data at Scientific Conferences
Discusses the importance of presenting data at scientific conferences.
by Kelly Dunn
November 2007

Advice for Graduate Students on Conducting Interdisciplinary Research
Scientists from different disciplines (e.g., computer science and biology) are increasingly working together to form interdisciplinary research teams and are making some very important discoveries.
by Marc Berman
October 2007

Feeling Rejected? Graduate Students and the Journal Article Review Process
Our best advice for how to turn the rejections you experience in the publication process into stepping stones that lead to a productive academic career.
by Marcella Boynton
September 2007

Getting the Most out of APA: APA Resources for Graduate Students in Psychological Science
The website also boasts a catalogue of student-oriented listservs. These listservs function as forums for the discussion of student issues, as well as the dissemination of relevant information.
by Kelly Dunn
July 2007

Getting Involved in the Peer Review Process
Becoming involved in the peer review process, particularly as graduate students, can be an incredibly informative and career-building experience.
by Janet Tomiyama
June 2007

Going to the APA Convention? 
This month, and every month for the next year or so, the Science Student Council will present useful information that other graduate students need to know.
by Camilla Hileman
April 2007