Conference and prize competition – Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning: Implications for Education

The New York Academy of Sciences and the Aspen Brain Forum Foundation are sponsoring a conference on the “Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning: Implications for Education” in Aspen, Colorado, on September 22-24, 2011. 

Sessions will be devoted to:

  • Early Learning and Development 

  • Reading and Language 

  • Mathematical Reasoning 

  • Executive Functioning and Attention 

  • Poverty, Brain Development, and Education 

  • Translating Research into the Classroom

The Aspen Brain Forum Foundation will also award two prizes of $7500 each to researchers working in the interface of cognitive neuroscience and education (one for a junior researcher and one for a senior researcher).  The deadline for prize applications is July 29.

More information about the conference and the prize competition can be found at the conference website.