NIH Requests Comments on Sleep Research

A group of fourteen components of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has issued a Request for Information (RFI): Sleep Disorders Research Plan (NOT-HL-11-107) seeking recommendations from the scientific and health communities and the general public to help guide future NIH support of research on sleep, sleep disorders, and circadian mechanisms.

The RFI requests comments describing challenges and potential solutions in such areas as:

  • What are key unresolved scientific issues that must be addressed in order to translate advances in understanding the molecular and physiological basis of sleep and circadian biology research into a better understanding of clinical mechanism of disease risk, and improved approaches for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease?

  • What research is needed to inform state and local governments, health care institutions, public interest organizations, communities, and other stakeholders about the needs of children and adults for appropriate amounts of sleep and to address public health concerns?

  • What research questions are of highest priority in relation to improving sleep health in special populations?  These might include minorities, the elderly, children, pregnant women, and individual of low socioeconomic status.

  • What national or local organizations should be included in the discussion of future sleep and circadian research activities supported by the NIH?  

  • What issues in sleep and circadian biology research may be integrated into existing or future global health initiatives?

The RFI also solicits comments on “trans-disciplinary research” concerning the relation of sleep
to other domains of behavior and health.

The deadline for responses is July 2, 2010.  See the RFI for further information and instructions for submitting comments.