Members Appointed to New APA Committee on Human Research

By Sangeeta Panicker, PhD

The Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA) has selected the membership of APA’s newly established Committee on Human Research (CHR). The seven individuals who will serve as the first members of this Committee are:

  • Thomas E. Eissenberg (Virginia Commonwealth University)

  • Celia B. Fisher (Fordham University)

  • Miriam F. Kelty (Independent Consultant)

  • Daniel C. Marson (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

  • Barbara H. Stanley (Columbia University & New York State Psychiatric Institute)

  • Mieke H. Verfaellie (Boston University & Boston VA Healthcare)

  • Vivian Ota Wang (National Institutes of Health)

The mission of this Committee is to facilitate research with human participants that complies with prevailing ethical principles (e.g., Belmont Principles) and federal regulatory standards and policies, and to examine issues regarding the formulation and implementation of such principles and regulations. Its purview encompasses such topics as confidentiality, decisional capacity, diversity of research populations, research dissemination, cross-disciplinary standards, international collaborations, and resource and data sharing. 

Among other activities, the Committee will develop and disseminate guidance and training materials on human research protections and help APA monitor and respond to proposed legislation and regulations that affect the conduct of research with human participants.

The response to the call for nominations to CHR was strong. BSA received over 40 outstanding nominations, indicating the broad interest in human research participant issues within the psychological science community. Rapid advances in science (e.g., genetics) and technology (e.g., imaging) give rise to new ethical dilemmas and challenges for the current regulatory system.  It is anticipated that CHR will play a leading role in addressing emerging ethical and regulatory issues as they affect the psychological, behavioral, and clinical research communities.

CHR will have its first meeting in early 2010. If you have comments or suggestions about issues and topics that the Committee should consider, please send them to Sangeeta Panicker, who serves as the staff liaison to CHR.