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Looking Forward at the SciLC

The Board of Scientific Affairs and the Science Directorate met to consider preliminary action items.

By Geoff Mumford

On Saturday evening, December 4, senior staff of the Science Directorate worked with BSA Chair Roberta Klatzky to digest two days' worth of Science Leadership Conference breakout sessions flipcharts.  The flipcharts and edited notes taken by dedicated breakout session computer scribes revealed several preliminary action items which were compiled and presented by Science Executive Director Steve Breckler to conference participants on Sunday morning.  These action items were meant to serve as first impressions (a more detailed assessment is underway).  

Among the suggestions that will be considered by the Board of Scientific Affairs and the Science Directorate are: 

  • Prepare information suitable for the general public to help address misconceptions about general research/science issues

  • Provide a wider array of APA journals to selected media outlets

  • Initiate a public education campaign for psychological science 

  • Develop a comprehensive APA guide to help psychologists navigate Institutional Review Board issues 

Watch future PSA articles for more information on outcomes of the Science Leadership Conference.