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  • APA magazine and newsletter articles about research tools and methods
    The Monitor on Psychology and gradPSYCH magazines, as well as many APA newsletters, have published articles about research tools and methods in various areas of psychological science.
  • Events for Researchers   
    Find upcoming events for researchers on APA's event calendar.
  • APA Science Directorate Pamphlets on fMRI and Psychological Science 
    The APA Science Directorate supports the training of hundreds of psychologists in how to incorporate fMRI into their research. The booklets are intended for general audiences who are interested in learning about psychological science and its applications to everyday life.
  • APA Advanced Training Institutes (ATIs) 
    ATIs expose psychological scientists to emerging technologies and the most current research methodologies. ATIs provide training and hands-on experience in a variety of areas, such as research with diverse racial and ethnic groups and conducting research with longitudinal methods, modeling and measurement.

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