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  • 1.Crossroads: The Psychology of Immigration in the New Century
    This report describes the diverse population of immigrants and addresses the psychological experience of immigration, focusing on factors that impede and facilitate adjustment.
  • 2.Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness
    In 2012, the Council of Representatives approved the resolution that, as a healing practice and professional service, psychotherapy is effective and highly cost-effective. Consequently, psychotherapy should be included in the health care system as an established evidence-based practice.
    Policy (August 2012)
  • 3.Gun Violence: Prediction, Prevention, and Policy
    This report reviews research-based evidence on causes of gun violence, whether it is homicide, suicide or a school shooting. How do mental health and mental illness affect prediction of gun violence? What can be done at the individual and community level to prevent gun violence?
    Report (December 2013)
  • 4.Peer Review
    Feedback from colleagues with similar backgrounds, expertise, and knowledge can be a valuable asset. Positive peer reviews contribute to increased funding opportunities, academic advancement, and a good reputation. On the other hand, peer reviewers can fall prey to bias, both positive and negative.
    Web Page
  • 5.APA Education Leadership Conferences by Year
    A list of ELCs, organized by year.
    Web Page
  • 6.Gifted & Talented Education
    Enhance the achievement and performance of children and adolescents with special gifts and talents in all domains, including the academic disciplines, the performing arts, sports and other professions.
    Web Page
  • 7.Contact Us
    Listing of contact information and staff biographies for the Center for Psychology in Schools and Education (CPSE) and Center for Gifted Education Policy (CGEP).
    Web Page
  • 8.Standing together for science
    Dr. Steven J. Breckler discusses advocacy and the importance of promoting awareness, understanding and funding for research.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (January 2014)
  • 9.Congressional Briefing Highlights Sexual Behavior Research
  • 10.Psychology and public policy
    Congressional fellows learn about federal policymaking and congressional operations and, in turn, empower legislators to utilize psychological expertise that may improve public policy.
    Magazine Article - Monitor on Psychology (October 2012)
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Results 110 of 3327 related to "Psychologists urged to "stand for..."