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    Narrative Processes in Emotion-Focused Therapy for Trauma

    By Angus, Lynne; Paivio, Sandra C.

    This DVD demonstrates and discusses key therapeutic interventions that encourage and direct a client through narrative and emotion-focused processes to gain acceptance and clarity on unresolved issues.

    Copyright: 2015 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy With Gay Men

    By Martell, Christopher R.

    This DVD demonstrates integrative behavioral couple therapy with a gay male couple. The video also addresses additional challenges that are unique to gay male clients in the context of a heterosexual-majority society.

    Copyright: 2015 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Effective Psychoanalytic Therapy of Schizophrenia and Other Severe Disorders

    By Karon, Bertram P.

    Dr. Bertram P. Karon demonstrates this psychoanalytic approach to treating clients who have severe mental disorders.

    Copyright: 1994 | DVD [Closed Captioned] or VHS

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    Ethnocultural Psychotherapy

    By Comas-Diaz, Lillian

    Dr. Lillian Comas-Diaz demonstrates her approach to integrating the implications and effects of human diversity into therapeutic practice.

    Copyright: 1994 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for an Impulse Problem

    By Zeig, Jeffrey K.

    Dr. Jeffrey K. Zeig demonstrates his approach to treating clients having problems with impulsive behavior.

    Copyright: 1997 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy for Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder

    By Benjamin, Lorna Smith

    Dr. Lorna Smith Benjamin shows her approach to working with clients who exhibit this disorder.

    Copyright: 1997 | DVD [Closed Captioned] or VHS

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    Short-Term Dynamic Therapy

    By Freedheim, Donald K.

    Dr. Donald K. Freedheim demonstrates this brief form of psychotherapy.

    Copyright: 1994 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Multimodal Therapy

    By Lazarus, Arnold A.

    Dr. Arnold A. Lazarus demonstrates this technically eclectic but theoretically consistent approach to therapy.

    Copyright: 2008 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Couples Therapy for Extramarital Affairs

    By Lusterman, Don-David

    Dr. Don-David Lusterman demonstrates his empathic, psychoeducational approach to working with couples in which one partner has had an affair.

    Copyright: 2008 | DVD [Closed Captioned] or VHS

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    Feminist Therapy

    By Brown, Laura S.

    In Feminist Therapy, Dr. Laura S. Brown demonstrates this integrative approach to psychotherapy.

    Copyright: 2008 | DVD [Closed Captioned] or VHS

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