The Therapy Relationship

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In The Therapy Relationship, Charles J. Gelso discusses his model of client–therapist relationship using illustrative examples from the therapy demonstration he conducts in this video.

This tripartite model of the psychotherapy relationship consists of the personal or real relationship between the therapist and the client, the working alliance, and transference/countertransference. This model posits that each therapy relationship must to some degree consist of these three elements, although the importance of any one part of the relationship may vary depending on the client and therapist, the type of therapy used, and the stage of the therapy.

In this video, Dr. Gelso explains this therapy relationship model then works in a session with a young man who resists intimacy in his relationships. After the demonstration session, Dr. Gelso discusses the tripartite model, pointing to moments in the session that illustrate aspects of the model and provide some hint at how the therapy relationship might unfold in the future.

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