Assisted Living Decisions in Psychotherapy

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Assisted living decisions are often thought of as merely residential choices, but they reflect a host of considerations: Finances, healthcare, and concerns about new and unknown environments are key elements to consider during this complex process.

In this video, Claudia Drossel demonstrates an approach to therapy with caregivers and their loved ones in which the therapist's role is to put the clients' personal history and values in context as they explore the best care options for the clients' circumstances.

In this session, Dr. Drossel works with the daughter and caregiver of an elderly woman who has recently experienced a medical crisis. Although the client is not yet aware of her mother's prognosis, she struggles with an urgent need to take action immediately to protect her mother. Dr. Drossel guides the client toward being a more effective advocate for her mother as they discuss assisted living options that are supportive and in line with her mother's needs.

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