Culturally Responsive Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy in Practice

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In Culturally Responsive Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy in Practice, Pamela A. Hays demonstrates her change-oriented approach to psychotherapy, adapting mainstream cognitive–behavior therapy (CBT) to fit the client's cultural identity, context, and preferences.

Key aspects of culturally responsive CBT include acceptance of core cultural beliefs, an emphasis on culturally related strengths and supports, and validation of the client's experiences of oppression with consideration of the need for environmental change. The culturally responsive thought-change process involves reconsideration of the helpfulness of thoughts rather than their rationality or validity. Culturally congruent homework is developed in close collaboration with the client.

Using everyday, culturally relevant language to describe and explain CBT, Dr. Hays works with a young African American Christian woman to recognize the client's culture as a potent source of strength and motivation.

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