Affirmative Psychotherapy With Gay Clients

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Kathleen J. Bieschke demonstrates her affirmative approach to psychotherapy, working with a young man to uncover his interpersonal concerns within the context of his gay identity.

This affirmative approach involves a strong focus on the therapeutic alliance, with the therapist serving as an advocate for the client and being mindful that gay clients have a sociopolitical reality that heterosexuals do not have to contend with. Using this developmental and culturally sensitive understanding, the therapist must also engage in meaningful self-reflection and exploration, determining how heterosexist biases might inform their work and interpersonal views.

In this session, the client presents himself in a happy-go-lucky manner but reveals feelings of inferiority and a tendency to let few people see who he really is. Dr. Bieschke fosters the client's development of assertiveness, transparency with people, and ability to advocate for himself so that he can enjoy more satisfying relationships.

About the Therapist

Kathleen J. Bieschke, PhD, is an associate professor of counseling psychology at Pennsylvania State University, a licensed psychologist, and director of Clinical Training for Penn State's counseling psychology PhD program, which is accredited by APA.

Dr. Bieschke has published over 40 professional journal articles, chapters, and edited books and has delivered approximately 100 professional presentations. In addition to working with gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals in both a college counseling and a private practice setting, Dr. Bieschke has written about and conducted research pertaining to the delivery of affirmative counseling and psychotherapy to gay, lesbian, and bisexual clients.

She is a fellow of APA (Division 17, Society of Counseling Psychology) and currently serves as the vice president for Education and Training for Division 17.

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