Positive Psychology With Male Clients

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In Positive Psychology With Male Clients, Dr. Mark S. Kiselica demonstrates his active, strength-focused approach to working with men. Positive psychology focuses on client strengths rather than psychopathology, which works well with male clients, as many men feel uncomfortable appearing vulnerable and being open with strangers.

Throughout the process of building rapport and assessing therapeutic issues, Dr. Kiselica looks for the good in the client and shares what he sees through comments and observations. These comments not only build the therapeutic relationship but also encourage expansion of positive attributes in the client. As the client's strengths grow over time, these positive traits will displace most dysfunctional behaviors.

In this session, Dr. Kiselica works with a male client in his late 20s who feels a lot of pressure in his life to provide for his girlfriend and their son. By emphasizing the client's strengths as a provider and a father, Dr. Kiselica helps him to see how much he has to offer and how he is in many respects already living up to his vision of what it means to be a good man.

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