Problem-Solving Therapy

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In Problem-Solving Therapy, Drs. Arthur Nezu and Christine Maguth Nezu demonstrate their positive, goal-oriented approach to treatment. Problem-solving therapy is a cognitive–behavioral intervention geared to improve an individual's ability to cope with stressful life experiences. The underlying assumption of this approach is that symptoms of psychopathology can often be understood as the negative consequences of ineffective or maladaptive coping.

Problem-solving therapy aims to help individuals adopt a realistically optimistic view of coping, understand the role of emotions more effectively, and creatively develop an action plan geared to reduce psychological distress and enhance well-being. Interventions include psychoeducation, interactive problem-solving exercises, and motivational homework assignments.

In this session, Christine Maguth Nezu works with a woman in her 50s who is depressed and deeply concerned about her son's drug addiction. Dr. Nezu first assesses her strengths and weaknesses and then helps her to clarify the problem she is facing so she can begin to move toward a solution.

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