Adolescent Girls Who Are Suicidal

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In Adolescent Girls Who Are Suicidal, David A. Jobes demonstrates his integrative, problem-solving approach to working with female adolescents who have contemplated or attempted suicide. Suicide attempts by adolescent girls are three times as frequent as those by boys. Most teenage girls with suicidal ideation have identifiable psychological, social, or familial problems that can be helped by careful assessment and treatment, thus eliminating the need for suicide. Dr. Jobes's approach emphasizes building an alliance with the client, attending closely as she talks about her problems and feelings, and inspiring the client's motivation to pursue psychological and behavioral change.

In this session, Dr. Jobes works with a teenage girl who is emotionally hurt and contemplating escape through suicide. Dr. Jobes helps her begin to realize the difference between suicide as a "comforting" fantasy versus a scary and deadly reality.

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