Practical Psychotherapy With Adolescents

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Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes
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In Practical Psychotherapy With Adolescents, Dr. Alice K. Rubenstein demonstrates her approach to working with adolescent clients. Because of the complexity of their lives, adolescents often have difficulty describing their feelings and identifying the source of stressors. Dr. Rubenstein helps adolescent clients to identify their feelings and the factors contributing to the problems they are dealing with, and then helps brainstorm possible solutions. In this session, Dr. Rubenstein works with a 15-year-old boy with behavioral difficulties, family conflicts, and academic problems. She helps him find ways to reduce the tension with his father and address some of the problems he is having at school because of his recently diagnosed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

This video features a client portrayed by an actor on the basis of actual case material.

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