Fagerstrom Tolerance Scale

Participant ID:_________________________

Date: ________  / ________  / ________ 

Write the number of the answer that is most applicable on the line to the left of the question.

________ 1. How soon after you awake do you smoke your first cigarette?

0. After 30 minutes
1. Within 30 minutes

________  2. Do you find it difficult to refrain from smoking in places where it is forbidden, such as the library, theater, or doctors' office?

0. No
1. Yes

________  3. Which of all the cigarettes you smoke in a day is the most satisfying?

0. Any other than the first one in the morning
1. The first one in the morning

________ 4. How many cigarettes a day do you smoke?

0. 1-15
1. 16-25
2. More than 26

________ 5. Do you smoke more during the morning than during the rest of the day?

0. No
1. Yes

________ 6. Do you smoke when you are so ill that you are in bed most of the day?

0. No
1. Yes

________ 7. Does the brand you smoke have a low, medium, or high nicotine content?

0. Low
1. Medium
2. High

________ 8. How often do you inhale the smoke from your cigarette?

0. Never
1. Sometimes
2. Always

Scoring Instructions: Add up your responses to all the items.

Total scores should range from 0 to 11, where 7 or greater suggests physical dependence on nicotine.

TOTAL SCORE:____________

Heatherton, T. F., Kozlowski, L. T., Frecker, R. C., Fagerstrom, K. O. (1991). The Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence: A revision of the Fagerstrom Tolerance Questionnaire. British Journal of Addictions, 86, 1119–1127.