Reclaiming Hope in a Changing World: Classroom/Community Version

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Running Time: 17 1/2 minutes
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Copyright: 2002
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Every American felt the impact of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This unique documentary will help you begin to understand what we lost on that day and what we found, or must find, within ourselves and our communities to help us heal. This video includes information and tools that will help viewers explore, understand, accept, and recover from our collective and individual reactions to terrorism.

You'll hear from psychologists with expertise in working with trauma and loss and from other professionals, each reflecting on the meaning of September 11 and on how we can regain our emotional footing and reclaim hope.

As the "war on terrorism" and its uncertainties continue, the positive message of Reclaiming Hope in a Changed World remains critically important.

Reclaiming Hope in a Changed World was produced and directed by Robert Parish and was televised on PBS stations nationwide in spring 2002. This version is specifically designed for use during community meetings or in the classroom.

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