Optimal Data Analysis

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Optimal Data Analysis offers the only statistical analysis paradigm that maximizes (weighted) predictive accuracy. This unique book fully explains this paradigm and includes simple-to-use software that empowers a universe of associated analyses. For any specific sample and exploratory or confirmatory hypothesis, optimal data analysis (ODA) identifies the statistical model that yields maximum predictive accuracy, assesses the exact Type I error rate, and evaluates potential cross-generalizability. No other software can accomplish analyses possible via ODA. The book contains numerous examples that simply could not be solved by any statistical method except for ODA.

This website supplements Optimal Data Analysis: A Guidebook With Software for Windows and helps keep it current.


Information currently available:

Information Coming Soon:

  • ODA-Trained Consultants List with Contact Information

  • ODA Workshops List with Instructions for Registering

  • What's New?
    Periodic review of new things possible to accomplish via ODA including examples, hints, ways to teach ODA, worked problem sets, and subsequent ODA programs (e.g., CTA and MultiODA)

  • Instructor Guidebook

  • Software Updates (as needed)

This site will supplement the book and software, not replace it. Because we assume that users of the site are users of the software and book, topics addressed in detail in the book will not be discussed here unless there are significant additions or changes.

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Paul R. Yarnold and Robert C. Soltysik