APA-Style Helper 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my serial number?
If you purchased the CD the serial number is located on the registration card. It is mislabeled as the registration number.

If you purchased a downloaded version, you were sent an e-mail with your serial number in it.

The program won't accept my serial number, what should I do now?
Once at the box asking to enter your serial number, type each part into the boxes provided. The dashes separate the information for the different boxes. The serial number is not case sensitive (it doesn't matter if you capitalize). Once you're done, the "next" button should light up. Please click it. If the next button does not light up, then try erasing a few of your letters in the serial number and type them again. That should get it to work.

Do not click on the "register now" button, and definitely don't fill out the form and submit it. That is for ordering a new copy of the program.

I have a Pentium 4. Version 2.0 of the software won't work, what should I do?
There is a patch available that should fix this problem. To download, please click here.

I have downloaded the program but can't find it on my computer, what should I do?
Locate a folder which should be on your hard drive called C:\IA_installers\APA-Style Helper 2.0. In there, you should see a file called "install" or "install.exe". If you see this, double click on it and see if it will run and complete the installation. If this does not work contact Tech support at Style Helper Support

I chose Internet Explorer 5 for my help browser...I can't access the online help file, what can I do to fix this?
To set up IE5 to use the Style-Helper help files, please do the following:

  • start up IE5

  • go to the file menu and select "Open"

  • click "browse"

  • navigate to your install location for the program (on the PC, typically C:\program files\apa-style helper 2.0)

  • find a folder called "WebHelp" and double click on that in that folder.

  • find a file called "WHStart.htm" and double click on that (this file may also be called "WHStart") (not WHStart1.htm, or WHStart2.htm)

  • Click "OK"

  • In the favorites menu, click "add to favorites"

Then, to access help, just open IE5 and select that favorite. Please note that it will not launch from the program, and so you will need to start IE5 separately.

I am using Netscape or IE4 as my browser and cannot access the help files. What should I do?
To fix the help to work with Netscape, you will need to do the following:

  • Close Style Helper if you have it open.

  • Go to the installation folder for the APA-Style Helper® program.

  • (on PCs this is C:\program files\APA-Style Helper 2.0 on Macs, it is MacintoshHD:Applications:APA-Style Helper 2.0)

  • Find a file called either "apa_style" or "apa_style.ini" and delete it.

  • Start Style Helper.

  • (If you installed from CD, it will then ask you to enter your serial number again. Please do so.

  • Go to the "Help" menu, and select "Using Style Helper"

  • (If you installed from a download, it will ask you to enter your serial number again. Please do so. A dialog will come up which will say either "Choose the web browser to use:" (on PCs) or "Please locate Netscape" on Macs.

  • Navigate in this dialog box to the location for Netscape or Internet Explorer (for PCs) or Netscape (for Macs)

  • (the default location for Netscape on the PC is C:\program files\netscape\communicator\program. The default location for Internet Explorer on the PC is C:\program files\Internet Explorer)

  • Click on the file (either IExplore.exe for Internet Explorer, or Netscape for Netscape.exe - note, on PCs you may only see IExplore or Netscape, without the .exe...in that case, choose that file)

  • The name should now appear in the Filename box, click open. This should start the help system.

NOTE: if you have a shortcut on your desktop, you may select that and it will work as well.

How do I use this program? Is there a user's manual for this program?
There is no printed users manual. You can use the help file or you can run through the "Getting Started" tutorial. This can be accessed by clicking on "Getting Started" on the opening screen. The tutorial answers many users questions about how the program works.

How can I open my manuscript. I click on open and nothing happens?
Click on open. Select your manuscript and click on it. Then go to the manuscript file. Click on either edit or export (depending on which you want to do and your manuscript will be queued up for you.

How can I open my manuscript in Word?

  • Click on File.

  • Choose Open

  • Select your file

  • Click on Manuscript.

  • Choose export

  • You will get a save as screen, your file should have file name.rtf. If it doesn't have an .rtf extension you should change it.

  • Now you should be able to open this file in your word processor.

Why do I get really patchy colors and checker-boarding, also, when typing in open text areas, nothing comes or shows until I touch the space bar? Is there a fix for this problem?
Although it is not very attractive, the program is still functional.