September 16, 2014 | Vol. 3, No. 9


APA Responds to Request for Comment on SAMHSA Three-year Strategic Plan

Focus is on key priorities for psychology and those with mental and behavioral health needs.


From APA Publishing

  • APA Custom Course Books
    This page provides information about APA Custom Course Books, which gives instructors the ability to create customized course materials from APA books.
  • Qualitative Psychology
    This journal creates an outlet for innovative methodological and/or theoretical work that advances qualitative inquiry in psychology.
  • The Lives of LGBT Older Adults
    This book uses a life course perspective to explore not only the challenges and needs of LGBT older adults, but also their strengths and resilience.
  • How I Learn: A Kid's Guide to Learning Disability
    This book introduces the concept of a learning disability in concrete terms for younger students. The story reassures readers that they are capable and can use smart strategies to help themselves learn.
  • Attachment-Based Family Therapy
    This DVD discusses and demonstrates the core principles and clinical strategies of attachment-based family therapy, the theoretical basis of the approach, and the evidence base that supports it.

Continuing Education in Psychology

Calls for Proposals, Nominations and Comments