November 12, 2013 | Vol. 2, No. 13


APA’s new Safe and Supportive Schools Project takes on bullying

APA’s new Safe and Supportive Schools Project takes on bullying


From APA Publishing

  • APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology
    This two-volume handbook provides an overarching review of current empirical research on sexuality and a synthesis of the dominant theoretical perspectives that have guided both research and clinical practice.
  • Creating Well-Being
    This book presents a four-step process for overcoming negative thinking and building well-being. Each chapter demonstrates how taking small, manageable steps adds up, over time, to real and permanent change.
  • Pretend Play in Childhood
    This book reviews the theory and research on pretend play and creativity, including cognitive and affective processes involved in play and creativity, possible evolutionary purposes of play, and its cultural variations.

Calls for Nominations and Applications

  • APA Congressional Fellowship Program

    The purpose of this fellowship is to provide psychologists with an invaluable public policy learning experience, to contribute to the more effective use of psychological knowledge in government and to broaden awareness about the value of psychology-government interaction among psychologists and within the federal government.

  • Call for Nominations for Journal Editors
    APA has opened a call nominations for the editorship of Archives of Scientific Psychology for the years 2015–2021. Deadline for accepting nominations is Wednesday, October 15, 2014, when reviews will begin.
  • BEA Grants for Precollege & Undergraduate Teaching Conferences
    These grants support precollege and undergraduate teaching conferences to enhance the quality of teaching and learning outcomes.