Paving the way for psychology’s next generation

APAGS approved new mission and vision statements while working to give graduate students hands-on journal experience.

The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) continued its support of the next generation of psychological scientists by gaining APA Council approval for a new APA journal and by revising its mission and vision statements.

Each issue of Translational Issues in Psychological Science, the first APA journal to focus on translational and interdisciplinary issues in psychology, will have a different topic, such as sleep, psychological applications to education and exploring the breadth and depth of emerging areas in psychology. Qualified graduate students will review the journal and serve as associate editors, gaining the editing and reviewing skills they will need as full-fledged scientists.

APAGS also revised its mission and vision statement to refine its focus on preparing graduate students:


APAGS builds a better future for psychology by serving as a united voice to enrich and advocate for graduate student development.


APAGS aspires to achieve the highest quality graduate training experience for the next generation of scientific innovators, expert practitioners and visionary leaders in psychology.