Enhancements to internal APA governance structure to benefit members and the discipline

APA’s Good Governance Project and Division Services Office focused on streamlining processes and adding benefits for members.

Through the Good Governance Project (GGP), APA’s Council of Representatives voted to explore two governance models representing moderate to bold change for the association. Both models selected for further study incorporate numerous principles formed through group discussions and feedback collected by the GGP. The organizing principles for the design criteria in this phase of the project are a simpler, more nimble structure; a flexible response system allowing for rapid response; mechanisms for direct member and expert input; continuous environment scanning; sharpened strategic focus and alignment; a balance between experienced and newer leadership; and competency-based leadership. 

Over the next several months, Governance Affairs Executive Director and GGP staff liaison Nancy Gordon Moore, PhD, will work with the GGP team to solicit feedback as they develop more detailed and refined versions of the models. The council will review and discuss the prototypes at its February 2013 meeting, providing GGP with additional feedback on what the final model must contain. In August 2014, the council will select a new governance model designed to bring about a more focused, transparent and effective governing system to benefit psychology as a whole. 

Division Services Office

APA’s Division Services Office expanded its services to offer meeting planning and membership marketing to divisions and division leaders. Divisions using the meeting planning services were able to streamline their conference registration and logistics with new technology and divisions adding new members took advantage of a targeted onboarding process with enhanced welcome materials encouraging more member engagement.