Oh, no! Jake's favorite blanket gets carried off with the wind and flies away.

Does it wander far? Where does it go? Will it be missing forever?

Take a peek at this sweet tale about a cherished blanket and that loving bond shared by a parent and child.

About the Author
Allan Peterkin, MD, is a Toronto-based physician and writer. He is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine and Head of the Health, Arts, and Humanities at the University of Toronto. Dr. Peterkin is the author of several children's books, including What About Me? When Brothers and Sisters Get Sick, also published by Magination Press.
About the Illustrator
Emmeline Pidgen graduated in 2010 from University College Falmouth, and is now making her way through the jungle of the freelance world, trading snippets of her imagination so she can buy cereal, floral teacups, and dinosaur toys.
Reviews & Awards
  • Mom's Choice Award for Children's Picture Books and Bedtime Stories – Gold

Pidgen's cheerful artwork is reassuring, with a bright palette, loose, sweeping lines, and plenty of attention on mother-child tenderness, human and animal alike. The message about attachment, security, and sometimes letting go is conveyed subtly and organically.
Publishers Weekly

One sunny day, Jake and his mother decide to hang the laundry outside to dry. Despite an initial reluctance, Jake helps Momma hang up his favorite blanket. As they snooze in the sun, the wind pulls it off the line and past a family of birds. The breeze takes it to a cow and her calf, later past some bunnies, and lastly makes a stop with a dog and her puppy. The blanket ends its trip by being blown back home to Jake and Momma. The book concludes with a note to parents about the importance of transitional objects, such as Jake's security blanket. The realistic, flat illustrations are done in soft, gentle colors. The result is a reassuring, simple story.
School Library Journal