New Kid, New Scene: A Guide to Moving and Switching Schools

Pages: 112, Color
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Age Range: 8-13
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Copyright: 2012
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Calling all new kids! Are you ready for your starring role? Or do you have stage fright? Maybe you feel like an extra in a movie featuring some other kids and their fabulous lives?

New Kid, New Scene was written just for you! You'll learn ways to get adjusted and ease into your new school and surroundings.

In this book, you'll learn:

  • How to meet new friends
  • How to keep old friendships
  • How to survive the first day in a new school
  • How to fit in without barging in
  • How to put your best foot forward in a new place
  • How to enjoy your own company while waiting for your social life to happen
  • …and lots more!

Every chapter is packed with stories from other kids like you, useful advice for when you are worried or upset, and quizzes to help you learn more about who you are. With a little help, you can be comfortable as the star in your new scene and not just an extra!

About the Authors

Debbie Glasser, PhD, is a nationally recognized psychologist, teacher, and writer who helps kids discover new ways to express their feelings and cope with change. She is the co-author of The Step-Tween Survival Guide and past chair of the National Parenting Education Network. She also publishes an online newsletter for parents called Debbie lives in Virginia with her husband and three children.

Emily Schenck is Debbie's daughter. Emily moved with her family from Florida to Virginia the summer before starting the ninth grade. She and her mom wrote this book together because they wanted to help new kids feel at home in their new situations. Currently a college student, Emily enjoys playing tennis, watching reality TV shows, and hanging out with friends — both old and new ones.

Reviews & Awards
  • ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist

What a remarkable book for kids who are making the exciting yet oftentimes scary journey into a new school. Dr. Debbie Glasser and her daughter Emily give the reader a most unique and wise perspective with real life stories and questions to ponder. As communication between parents and their children is vitally important, this book will open meaningful and fun dialogues about developing new friendships and discovering the "inner star" in all of us. It's not easy starting a new life in a new community and Debbie and Emily have found the way to navigate through it all with humor and great advice.
—Roni Leiderman, PhD, Dean, Mailman Segal Center for Human Development, Division of Applied Interdisciplinary Studies, Nova Southeastern University

Appropriate for middle grades, New Kid, New Scene does a good job of walking teens and tweens through the stages they will experience when they move…Two-color photos of real young adults are interspersed throughout the book to give a face to the many stories, and quotes are used to help the reader understand s/he is not alone. The layout is inviting and will not overwhelm younger readers, but is also not so immature as to scare away older ones.

Bulleted lists, quizzes, and notebook and movie script sidebars add details, and the eye-catching layout will keep students flipping through the pages.
School Library Journal

Moving or changing schools can be a lot to handle especially during the tween and teen years. Through interviews with teens with varying experiences, Dr. Glasser and her daughter poignantly capture the feelings of new kids in a voice that resonates with young readers. But more than that they offer hands on activities and expert advice to successfully navigate the many changes a move can bring.
—Susan K. Dandes, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine