What can two little mice do when they are chased by the cat, hounded by the dog, and threatened by the deadly mousetrap? Billy Blue tries eating more food to soothe his distress, and Sally Rose stops eating altogether. But when stuffing and starving themselves don't help, they learn to look for answers in their hearts, and with their family and friends.
About the Author
Dina Zeckhausen, PhD, is the founder and executive director of the Eating Disorders Information Network. She has developed a broad range of school and community-based prevention and awareness programs that have been adopted throughout the United States, and she is a featured expert in the national media on the topic of eating disorders. Dr. Zeckhausen maintains a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders affecting both children and adults.
About the Illustrator
Brian Boyd is a painter, illustrator, and designer whose work includes advertising, landscapes, and portraiture, as well as editorial illustration and children's books. He lives and works in Toronto.
Reviews & Awards
  • iParenting Media Award Winner!
  • Moonbeam Children's Book Award for Childhood Wellness (Gold)

Full Mouse, Empty Mouse is not only great children's literature, it is everything an effective prevention tool aspires to be: creative, appealing, engaging, and developmentally appropriate, filled with critical and corrective messages for children and the adults who read with them.
—Margo Maine, PhD, author of Body Wars: Making Peace with Women's Bodies

In language kids understand (and adults need to hear), Full Mouse, Empty Mouse cuts to the heart of child body-image issues and points the way to healthy, happy self-image. A treat to read for any age.
—Joe Kelly, president of Dads & Daughters, author of Dads and Daughters: How to Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter When She's Growing Up So Fast

Full Mouse, Empty Mouse provides a wonderful way to open the door for conversations about food and feelings that could lead to greater health and happiness for readers of all ages.
—Holly Hoff, Director of Programs, National Eating Disorders Association

This book is a wonderful way to show children how easy it is to hide your feelings and replace them with food…The book also offers helpful hints to parents about talking to their kids about healthy eating habits. There is a list of resources for parents whose children suffer from eating disorders. Full Mouse, Empty Mouse is a good reminder that, "Food is not as simple as we think."
Parents' Press