In this story, Kate — a new big sister — explains her feelings of being left out and forgotten when her baby brother Daniel arrives. She experiences the typical confusion and mixed emotions that result from having to share her parents with a new and demanding sibling. But with wit and a resourceful nature, Kate explores her new role and achieves the confidence to embrace her little brother.

Ultimately, the story demonstrates how kids can feel warm, safe, and loved in their family as they move from being a beloved only child to occupying a new and exciting role as the older sibling.

Includes a "Note to Parents" by psychologist and author Jane Annunziata, PsyD.

About the Author
Annette Sheldon is a storyteller, preschool specialist, and the manager or Mentor-on-the-Lake Branch Library — a library building that looks like a lighthouse — in Mentor, Ohio. She lives with her husband and a free-spirited English setter on a small farm in nearby Austinburg. The Sheldons have four children and ten grandchildren. This is Annette's first book.
About the Illustrator
Karen Maizel began her career as a fashion illustrator. In raising three daughters, her interest crossed over into their world of children's books and magazines. Although her children are grown, she continues to be passionate about creating pictures for anyone who is young or young-at-heart, and has illustrated 14 books. Karen lives in Lakewood, Ohio, with her family.
Reviews & Awards
  • iParenting Media Award Winner!

Among the flood of titles about older siblings and new babies, this book, published under the auspices of the American Psychological Association, stands out for its appealing illustrations and direct story, which wraps a clear, comforting message. With minimal words, Sheldon zeroes in on an older child's feelings of displacement: "Always before, when Mommy and Daddy said, 'the baby,' they meant me…Now…they mean Daniel." Maizel's pencil-and-watercolor pictures show Kate, a preschooler whose confusion and resentment gradually transform. She learns to be patient during Daniel's crying jags and feedings, and she begins to relish the things older kids can do, such as baking with Grandma. Children will recognize the warmth and clutter in the cozy domestic scenes, and feel comforted as Kate's parents reassure, love, and gently guide her toward acceptance. An appended section offers parents solid ideas for helping a child adjust to a new baby. Though cataloged as nonfiction, the book will fit perfectly among fiction titles on the subject.

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