Toilet training is a difficult task for any child, yet it is easy for parents to overlook how hard it really is for young children to achieve the needed mental and emotional as well as physical control. This delightful book expresses children's natural fears, letting them feel comfort and trust from knowing their experience is understood. Since the psychological issues of this stressful time often live on even after the physically demands have been resolved, this book will appeal both to children in training and those who have already been trained.
About the Author
Annie Reiner, LCSW, gave up a career as a psychotherapist to pursue writing and painting. She is a published poet, playwright, and author of the children's book A Visit to the Art Gallery. Her paintings hang in galleries and in private collections.
Reviews & Awards

Composed with wit and charm, this carefully crafted work expresses the conflicted emotions experienced by children who are being toilet trained: feelings of confusion, avoidance, and opposition regarding the assumption of personal responsibility.
—Allen B. Weiner, MD, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles

The author conveys extremely complex and profound ideas in a beautifully rendered poem that will appeal to children as both art and education. Ideal for parents and educators to provide children with the correct understanding of this crucial life experience.
—Alan H. Blanc, MD, PhD, unit chief, Inpatient Psychiatry, Thalians Community Mental Health Center, Los Angeles