Every night, Jessica dreams of a sleek black wolf who chases her through a dark forest. She's afraid to go to sleep because of these bad dreams. After consulting her parents, her teddy bear, and her own personal "magic," Jessica learns to overcome her fears and chase the wolf away, once and for all.

This spirited adventure, gorgeously illustrated by Tennessee Dixon's powerful, striking images, will teach children to confront their nighttime fears and face down their own private wolves.

About the Author
Ted Lobby, MSW, is a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor at the Twin City Psychiatric Associates in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
About the Illustrator
Tennessee Dixon is a published children's book illustrator who lives in New York City.
Reviews & Awards
A story well-crafted for the purpose of helping children develop and draw upon their own internal resources for mastering disturbing thoughts, fantasies and fears…The solution…is a respectful and joyful celebration of the resourcefulness and personal strength of children.
—Susan E. Erbaugh, PhD, Clinical Director, Preschool Mental Health Program, Minneapolis Children's Medical Center