A moving and poetic story about a girl whose beloved grandfather battles cancer, becoming very different from the Gran-Gran who loved fishing, grew plants in old ice coolers, and took her on neighborhood "safaris." After he dies, she decides to keep his memory alive by telling her little sister all about him and the things he taught her. In so doing, she learns that those we love never leave our hearts-and that this is "love's best trick."

About the Author
L. Dwight Holden, MD, is Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of the Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
About the Illustrator
Michael Chesworth is an illustrator in New York City.
Reviews & Awards
In children's language, Doctor Holden introduces the reader—child and adult—to the key issues involved in dealing with the loss of a special person. The book is a valuable addition to a growing body of helpful children's literature. 
—Jerry M. Lewis, MD, Director of Research, Timberlawn Foundation, Dallas, Texas