Reviewer Guidelines

The mission of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied® is to publish original empirical investigations in experimental psychology that bridge practically oriented problems and psychological theory. The journal also publishes research aimed at developing and testing of models of cognitive processing or behavior in applied situations, including laboratory and field settings. Occasionally, review articles are considered for publication if they contribute significantly to important topics within applied experimental psychology.

Areas of interest include applications of perception, attention, memory, decision making, reasoning, information processing, problem solving, learning, and skill acquisition. Settings may be industrial (such as human-computer interface design), academic (such as intelligent computer-aided instruction), forensic (such as eyewitness memory), or consumer oriented (such as product instructions).

When reviewing submissions for the journal, please consider whether the paper fits with the mission of the journal. Does it represent an empirical investigation, with a basis in psychological theory, and with practical relevance?

Please ensure that your review:

  • Describes the intent of the paper – what do you see as the primary take-home points of the paper?
  • Comments on the positive aspects of the paper
  • Is constructive in its criticisms of the work; the goal is to provide the author(s) with guidance about how to improve either this manuscript or their future explorations in this research area
  • Provides specific comments about:
    • Theoretical basis
    • Experimental rigor
    • Appropriateness of statistical analysis
    • Interpretation of results
    • Usefulness of tables and figures
    • Practical relevance of the research
    • Overall clarity of the writing
  • If appropriate, please indicate which issues are the most critical to attend to in the revision (perhaps by listing major concerns and minor concerns separately)
  • Please also consider the appropriateness of the title, the abstract, and the length of the paper

Lastly, please remember that:

  • The manuscript contents are to remain confidential – please do not share the paper with anyone or reference the paper
  • If you wish to involve a student or post-doc in the review process, please contact the editor regarding the details of our Student Review Program