Translational Issues in Psychological Science

ISSN: 2332-2136
eISSN: 2332-2179
Published: quarterly, beginning in 2015

Translational Issues in Psychological Science (TPS) is a critical issues translational journal, with each issue on a different topic representing multiple viewpoints on psychological science.

Each issue of TPS concentrates on a single important, timely, and/or potentially controversial theme in translational science that is of broad interest to scientists, practitioners, and the general public. Each article covers a body of basic scientific research and concludes with an application section.

The format of TPS has four characteristics that make the journal unique:

  • Each issue is based on a different theme within psychological science, broadly defined, that is edited by a different special issue editor.
  • Each issue has a different guest editor working with a team of associate editors who are advanced predoctoral or early postdoctoral scholars.
  • Each article will have at least one senior scientist author and one student author.
  • Each article will focus on extending findings in psychological science to a broader audience including, but not limited to, public interest, practitioners, and scientific scholars.
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