Guidelines for Reviewing Manuscripts for Training and Education in Professional Psychology

Confidential Communication

Please note that the manuscripts you will review are confidential communication. An unpublished manuscript is entitled to copyright protection from the moment it is fixed in tangible form, for example, typed on a page. Therefore, you may not circulate, quote, cite, or refer to the unpublished work, nor may you use information from the manuscript to advance your own work or instruction unless you obtain specific permission for such use from the author.

You must request permission in advance from the Action Editor to share the manuscript with any other person, for example, if you wish to seek assistance from a colleague in preparing your review.

After completing your review, you may retain one copy of the manuscript until such time as the Action Editor sends you a copy of the editorial decision letter and other reviews of the manuscript. Within 48 hours of receiving these materials, you must destroy or delete any remaining copies of the manuscript.

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