The Journal of Threat Assessment and Management is an international periodical for professionals and scholars whose work focuses on operational aspects of the assessment and management of risk for interpersonal violence.

The journal is unique in three ways.

First, it is devoted exclusively to the subject of violence risk.

Second, it is applied in nature, dealing with the development, implementation, and evaluation of procedures for assessing and managing violence risk.

Third, it reflects and promotes the values of interdisciplinarity and internationalism, based on the view that preventing violence requires collaborations that cross professional and, in many cases, political boundaries.

Those who read and write for Journal of Threat Assessment and Management work in mental health, criminal justice, national security, and private security settings. They have backgrounds in fields such as policing, criminology, law, psychology, psychiatry, nursing, and social work. What binds these readers and authors together is their focus on understanding and preventing violence.

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