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Challenges in Transforming Military Training: Research and Application of Advanced Simulation and Training Technologies and Methods

Vol. 25, No. 3, May 2013
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About the special issue

This issue is unique in several ways. First, there is an opening paper discussing some of the operational and integration issues being faced in transforming training, but the issues described and discussed are pervasive to other applications and mission areas as well. Second, there are a series of wide-ranging empirical research papers focusing on a diverse set of issues and challenges and that discuss solutions of interest and promise. Finally, there are two internationally recognized experts in the field who provide their overall views on the papers in the issue as well as their perspectives regarding the future science, technology, and application roadmap for training and readiness.

Articles in this issue

Challenges in Transforming Military Training: Research and Application of Advanced Simulation and Training Technologies and Methods
Pages 173–176
Bennett Jr., Winston; Schreiber, Brian; Portrey, Antoinette M.; Bell, Herbert H.

Transforming Operational Training in the Combat Air Forces
Pages 177–190
Chapman, Robert; Colegrove, Charles

Deriving Training Strategies for Spatial Knowledge Acquisition From Behavioral, Cognitive, and Neural Foundations
Pages 191–205
Stanney, Kay M.; Cohn, Joseph; Milham, Laura; Hale, Kelly; Darken, Rudy; Sullivan, Joseph

PC-Based Game Features That Influence Instruction and Learner Motivation
Pages 206–217
Belanich, James; Orvis, Kara L.; Sibley, Daragh E.

A Psychometric Examination of Mission Essential Competency (MEC) Measures Used in Air Force Distributed Mission Operations Training Needs Analysis
Pages 218–233
Alliger, George M.; Beard, Rebecca; Bennett Jr., Winston; Symons, Steven; Colegrove, Charles

The Air Superiority Knowledge Assessment System: Transforming the Way the Warfighter Trains
Pages 234–243
Rowe, Leah J.; Gehr, Sara Elizabeth

Generating Recommendations for Simulator Design Through Pilot Assessment of Prototype Utility
Pages 244–251
Borgvall, Jonathan

Application of Cognitive Load Theory to Develop a Measure of Team Cognitive Efficiency
Pages 252–265
Johnston, Joan H.; Fiore, Stephen M.; Paris, Carol; Smith, C. A. P.

Measuring Team Performance in Complex and Dynamic Military Environments: The SPOTLITE Method
Pages 266–279
MacMillan, Jean; Entin, Eileen B.; Morley, Rebecca; Bennett Jr., Winston

United Kingdom Mission Training Through Distributed Simulation
Pages 280–293
McIntyre, Heather M.; Smith, Ebb; Goode, Mary

Transforming Training: A Perspective on the Need for and Payoffs From Common Standards
Pages 294–307
Schreiber, Brian T.

Toward Training Transformation
Pages 308–317
Foster, Robert E.; Fletcher, J. D.

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