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Neurosciences and Music

Vol. 22, No. 2, December 2012
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About the special issue

Although the title of this special issue implies a focus on the brain, the goal was not only to focus on neuroimaging studies of music but also to consider special populations (patients with Alzheimer's disease, persons who are blind, and those who have cochlear implants), each of which offers a unique opportunity for exploring how music is processed when the sensory and/or cognitive apparatus deviates from the typical.

Articles in this issue

The High-Voice Superiority Effect in Polyphonic Music Is Influenced by Experience: A Comparison of Musicians Who Play Soprano-Range Compared With Bass-Range Instruments
Pages 97–104
Marie, Céline; Fujioka, Takako; Herrington, Leland; Trainor, Laurel J.

Individual Differences in Rhythmic Ability: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Investigations
Pages 105–121
Grahn, Jessica A.; Schuit, Dirk

Modulation of Motor Excitability by Metricality of Tone Sequences
Pages 122–128
Cameron, Daniel J.; Stewart, Lauren; Pearce, Marcus T.; Grube, Manon; Muggleton, Neil G.

Exploring the Impact of Congenital Visual Impairment on the Development of Absolute Pitch Using a New Online Assessment Tool: A Preliminary Study
Pages 129–133
Dimatati, Maria; Heaton, Pamela; Pring, Linda; Downing, John; Ockelford, Adam

Singing in the Key of Life: A Study on Effects of Musical Ear Training After Cochlear Implantation
Pages 134–151
Petersen, Bjørn; Mortensen, Malene Vejby; Hansen, Mads; Vuust, Peter

Ever-Changing Cycles of Musical Pleasure: The Role of Dopamine and Anticipation
Pages 152–167
Gebauer, Line; Kringelbach, Morten L.; Vuust, Peter

Probing Neural Mechanisms of Music Perception, Cognition, and Performance Using Multivariate Decoding
Pages 168–174
Schaefer, Rebecca S.; Furuya, Shinichi; Smith, Leigh M.; Kaneshiro, Blair Bohannan; Toiviainen, Petri

Music as a Memory Enhancer: Differences Between Healthy Older Adults and Patients With Alzheimer's Disease
Pages 175–179
Deason, Rebecca G.; Simmons-Stern, Nicholas R.; Frustace, Bruno S.; Ally, Brandon A.; Budson, Andrew E.

Finnish Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music Research, Finland
Pages 180–182
Eerola, Tuomas

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