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Dynamics in Couples and Families Coping With HIV Risk and Infection

Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2012
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About the special issue

While tremendous progress has been made in the prevention and treatment of HIV, individuals continue to be at risk of acquiring HIV. There is increased recognition that interventions need to target couples and families in at-risk populations.

Articles in this issue

HIV/STD Prevention Interventions for Couples and Families: A Review and Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 79–93
Pequegnat, Willo; Bray, James H.

Couple-Based Behavioral HIV Interventions: Placing HIV Risk-Reduction Responsibility and Agency on the Female and Male Dyad
Pages 94–105
El-Bassel, Nabila; Wechsberg, Wendee M.

The Impact of Parenting on Gay Male Couples' Relationships, Sexuality, and HIV Risk
Pages 106–119
Huebner, David M.; Mandic, Carmen Gómez; Mackaronis, Julia E.; Beougher, Sean C.; Hoff, Colleen C.

Common Elements of Family-Based HIV Interventions for Adolescents
Pages 120–133
Lightfoot, Marguerita; Milburn, Norweeta

Brief Strategic Family Therapy: An Intervention to Reduce Adolescent Risk Behavior
Pages 134–145
Szapocznik, José; Schwartz, Seth J.; Muir, Joan A.; Brown, C. Hendricks

A Case Study of Sexual Abuse and Psychological Correlates Among an HIV-Serodiscordant Couple
Pages 146–159
Wyatt, Gail E.; Loeb, Tamra B.; Williams, John K.; Zhang, Muyu; Davis, Teri D.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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