Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics (medium)

Methods in Decision Neuroscience

Vol. 4, No. 2, May 2011
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-1052-7
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Articles in this issue

The Cognitive Neuroscience Toolkit for the Neuroeconomist: A Functional Overview
Pages 63–84
Kable, Joseph W.

Integrating fMRI With Psychophysiological Measurements in the Study of Decision Making
Pages 85–94
Wong, Savio W. H.; Xue, Gui; Bechara, Antoine

A Model-Based fMRI Analysis With Hierarchical Bayesian Parameter Estimation
Pages 95–110
Ahn, Woo-Young; Krawitz, Adam; Kim, Woojae; Busemeyer, Jerome R.; Brown, Joshua W.

The Skin Conductance Response, Anticipation, and Decision-Making
Pages 111–116
Dawson, Michael E.; Schell, Anne M.; Courtney, Christopher G.

Heart Rate Variability, the Autonomic Nervous System, and Neuroeconomic Experiments
Pages 117–124
Dulleck, Uwe; Ristl, Andrea; Schaffner, Markus; Torgler, Benno

Eye Movement Monitoring as a Process Tracing Methodology in Decision Making Research
Pages 125–146
Glaholt, Mackenzie G.; Reingold, Eyal M.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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