History of Psychology in Canada

Canadian Psychology

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Vol. 54, No. 2, May 2013
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-1585-0
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Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue on the History of Psychology in Canada
Pages 87–93
Brock, Adrian C.

Reconstructing the Experiences of First Generation Women in Canadian Psychology
Pages 94–104
Gul, Pelin; Korosteliov, Anastasia; Caplan, Lori; Ball, Laura C.; Bazar, Jennifer L.; Rodkey, Elissa N.; Young, Jacy L.; Sheese, Kate; Rutherford, Alexandra

From Suffrage to Sterilization: Eugenics and the Women's Movement in 20th Century Alberta
Pages 105–114
Moss, Erin L.; Stam, Henderikus J.; Kattevilder, Diane

Culture in the History of Psychology in Canada
Pages 115–123
Bhatt, Gira; Tonks, Randal G.; Berry, John W.

John Wallace Baird: The First Canadian President of the American Psychological Association
Pages 124–132
Lahham, Daniel; Green, Christopher D.

Review of A Chronicle of the Work of the CPA 1938–2010
Pages 133–134
Connors, John B.

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