Sport and Exercise Psychology / Psychologie du sport et de l'exercice

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Stéphane Perreault (Guest Editor)
Vol. 53, No. 4, November 2012
Item #: 5825304
ISBN: 978-1-4338-1316-0
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Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue on Sports and Exercise Psychology
Pages 259–260
Drapeau, Martin

Introduction au numéro spécial sur la psychologie du sport et de l'exercice
Pages 261–262
Drapeau, Martin

Are Perfectionistic Strivings in Sport Adaptive? A Systematic Review of Confirmatory, Contradictory, and Mixed Evidence
Pages 263–279
Gotwals, John K.; Stoeber, Joachim; Dunn, John G. H.; Stoll, Oliver

Promoting Physical Activity in Preschoolers: A Review of the Guidelines, Barriers, and Facilitators for Implementation of Policies and Practices
Pages 280–290
Tremblay, Line; Boudreau-Larivière, Céline; Cimon-Lambert, Krystel

A Meta-Analysis of the Influence of Gender on Self-Determination Theory's Motivational Regulations for Physical Activity
Pages 291–300
Guérin, Eva; Bales, Elena; Sweet, Shane; Fortier, Michelle

Seeing the "We" in "Me" Sports: The Need to Consider Individual Sport Team Environments
Pages 301–308
Evans, M. Blair; Eys, Mark A.; Bruner, Mark W.

Mindfulness and Acceptance Models in Sport Psychology: A Decade of Basic and Applied Scientific Advancements
Pages 309–318
Gardner, Frank L.; Moore, Zella E.

Testing and Integrating Self-Determination Theory and Self-Efficacy Theory in a Physical Activity Context
Pages 319–327
Sweet, Shane N.; Fortier, Michelle S.; Strachan, Shaelyn M.; Blanchard, Chris M.

Dissocier la fréquence de l'intensité des types de motivation dans le sport en regard du modèle hiérarchique de la motivation intrinsèque et extrinsèque
Pages 328–333
Lacroix, Chloé; Perreault, Stéphane

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