The 25th Anniversary of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists / le 25ième anniversaire du Code canadien de déontologie professionnelle des psychologues

Canadian Psychology

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Vol. 52, No. 3, August 2011
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-1100-5
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About the special issue

The purpose of this special issue is to celebrate the significant role the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists has played since its first adoption by the Canadian Psychological Association in 1986, 25 years ago.

Twelve articles, two in French, are included. The articles describe the process of the Code's continuing evolution, its applicability in the different legal framework of Quebec, investigations into the Code, and its application to old and new ethical issues related to research, teaching, and practice (e.g., the development of research ethics in Canada, the use of vignettes in ethics teaching, mandatory self-disclosure by students, rural psychology, the use of technology, and humanitarian work).

Articles in this issue

Introduction to Special Issue
Pages 149–151
Pettifor, Jean; Sinclair, Carole

The Evolution of the Canadian Code of Ethics Over the Years (1986–2011)
Pages 152–161
Sinclair, Carole

La déontologie et l'éthique dans le contexte de l'exercice de la profession de psychologue au Québec
Pages 162–168
Richard, Hélène C.

Déontologie et éthique: La pertinence pour le Québec du code Canadien d'éthique pour les psychologues
Pages 169–175
Gauthier, Janel

Empirical and Theory-Driven Investigations of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists
Pages 176–179
Hadjistavropoulos, Thomas

The Evolution of Research Ethics in Canada: Current Developments
Pages 180–184
O'Neill, Patrick

A Canadian Perspective on Using Vignettes to Teach Ethics in Psychology
Pages 185–191
McCarron, Michelle C. E.; Stewart, Donald W.

The Application of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists to Teaching: Mandatory Self-Disclosure and Alternatives in Psychology Courses
Pages 192–197
Stark, Cannie

Ethical Supervision in Teaching, Research, Practice, and Administration
Pages 198–205
Pettifor, Jean; McCarron, Michelle C. E.; Schoepp, Greg; Stark, Cannie; Stewart, Donald

Professional Ethics in Rural and Northern Canadian Psychology
Pages 206–214
Malone, Judi L.; Dyck, Karen G.

New Technology, Old Issues: Demonstrating the Relevance of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists to the Ever-Sharper Cutting Edge of Technology
Pages 215–224
Nicholson, Ian R.

Ethical Challenges for Psychologists Conducting Humanitarian Work
Pages 225–229
Aubé, Nicole

International Contributions of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists: Voices From Abroad
Pages 230–235
Pettifor, Jean L.; Ferrero, Andrea; Allan, Alfred; Hernández-Guzmán, Laura; Seymour, Fred; Aanonson, An-Magritt; Odland, Torleiv; Watts, Ann D.; Korkut, Yesim; Pope, Kenneth

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