The Future Direction of Play Therapy Research

International Journal of Play Therapy

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Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2010
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-0847-0
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About the special issue

The articles in this special issue describe what the state of the art is in play therapy research, along with ways to help move play therapy research exposure and credibility forward.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to Play Therapy Research Theme Issue
Pages 1–3
Frick-Helms, Sandra B.; Drewes, Athena A.

The Future of Play Therapy: Elevating Credibility Through Play Therapy Research
Pages 4–12
Urquiza, Anthony J.

How Firm Is Our Foundation? Current Play Therapy Research
Pages 13–25
Phillips, Roger D.

Building a Firm Foundation in Play Therapy Research: Response to Phillips (2010)
Pages 26–38
Baggerly, Jennifer; Bratton, Sue

Single-Case Design: A Primer For Play Therapists
Pages 39–53
Ray, Dee C.; Schottelkorb, April A.

Qualitative Research and Its Role in Play Therapy Research
Pages 54–61
Glazer, Hilda R.; Stein, David S.

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